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2/21/2017 - NowThis - “These Bernie Sanders supporters have a novel approach to America’s political problems: listening to people” (VIDEO)

2/28/2017 - Mother Jones - “These Bernie Alums Think They’ve Found the Secret to Reaching Trump Voters”

“On an icy Saturday afternoon in early February, the rebuilding of the Democratic party was happening in Jessica Williams’ Long Island living room. Williams, a social worker who in her free time hosts a podcast about dance, supported Bernie Sanders during the presidential primary but hadn’t volunteered for a political campaign in years. Everything changed in November. “I was like, holy crap, this democracy business is a whole lot more fragile than I realized,” she says.”

3/7/2017 - Yahoo News - “Resistance Report: These blue state liberals have a long-shot plan to retake the House on their own”

“The connection to Knock Every Door was especially appealing to Freel. One of its first initiatives is research oriented: talking to voters, finding out what their concerns are, really getting to know the districts as a collection of people and stories instead of data points. That means talking to everyone, Democrats and Republicans, instead of just to select targeted voters likely to turn out to vote for a Democrat. “Why would you vote this person in?” is something Freel said she had trouble understanding of those who had backed Trump.”

3/27/2017 - The Nation - “Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement”

“So our approach is radical trust in volunteers—not just to knock on doors, but to organize their neighbors to knock on doors, to lead canvassing trainings, to barnstorm their communities, and even to run critical pieces of campaign infrastructure and technology. That’s the only way you can organize at a scale where it really is possible to knock on every door.”

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